Want an early taste of what our conference will look like? Take a look at our 2021 Conference Handbook.

MNSAA Annual Conference Professional Sessions

  • General Information

    Speaker proposals will be accepted through October 1, 2022.
  • Describe your professional workshop session in approximately 50 words or less. This will be published in our Event Handbook.
  • Please supply a brief biography yourself in a few sentences or brief notes for your introduction.
  • Target Audience

    The target audience for all breakout sessions is nonpublic school leaders – presidents, principals, directors – from a variety of faith and independent backgrounds. Some of these school leaders also teach. There will also be lead teachers in attendance.

  • Your session will be led in a school classroom. Each classroom is equipped with an interactive board that is connected to a computer. Presenters are asked to bring presentations on a flash-drive. As a safety precaution, you are also encouraged to email a copy of your presentation to yourself. A person knowledgeable about the room's technology will be on hand to support you as needed. Let us know of any additional AV needs you have.
  • Recognition

    As MNSAA is not able to pay for your professional services, we work diligently to recognize your service in our promotional materials.

    Please send an electronic copy of your company or institution’s logo to vmarvin@mnsaa.org before September 1, 2022.

    MNSAA will provide the following in exchange for your services:

    • complimentary continental breakfast and lunch
    • free registration for the entire event
    • free parking
    • recognition in marketing materials, in our newsletter, and on our website


    Feel free to duplicate your own handouts if you can do them cost effectively. MNSAA is also pleased to copy for you. If you would like us to duplicate your materials, please send electronically to: vicki.marvin@mnsaa.org by October 15, 2022.

  • Contact Information