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In my fourteen years of education, I had never been part of an accreditation team and knew precious little about the process and its benefits. Last year, I finally joined an accreditation team and learned so much! I learned a great deal about the process and how it can serve the teachers, students, and families at Saint Mark's School. My teachers have been thanking me for encouraging them to join accreditation teams where they have been finding even more great ideas to bring back to Saint Mark's. Further, because of our participation on teams, we were all that much better off for our own self study and site visit. I am certain that the MNSAA process has served Saint Mark's well.–Zach Zeckser, Principal of St. Mark's School, Saint Paul

MNSAA is sets a high standard for school improvement while at the same time being understanding of the demands that schools are under.  MNSAA is a grounded organization based on the fundamental purpose to give credibility to non-public schools in Minnesota before the public eye.  It serves as a means for institutional change.–David Andrys, Retired Principal of Sacred Heart K-12 School, East Grand Forks

St. Dominic School has been a member of MNSAA for nearly 30 years - since 1990. There is no doubt that the annual reports and the periodic team visits have enhanced the quality of our school. These activities provide a more objective lens with which to evaluate progress and programs. In addition, our school community is supported in our efforts to grow and keep up with innovative educational practices. MNSAA is respectful of the different religious affiliations and that fact is evident during a team visit. Being part of MNSAA is not always easy, but there is great satisfaction in offering your community an accredited school.–Vicki Kalina Marvin, Principal of St. Dominic School, Northfield

School accreditation brings viability to an educational institution – at any level. Through our accreditation with MNSAA, we continue to improve the educational program that we provide to the young people charged to our care. The relationship that our school has had with MNSAA has been a tremendous blessing and benefit to our entire school community!–Tim Plath, Principal of Minnesota Valley Lutheran High School, New Ulm

MNSAA is known and respected for what it requires of its member schools. Their own self-reflection has resulted in effective, efficient tools for us to use as we craft our own Self-Study and Strategic Plan. Because of MNSAA's high expectations for community inclusion, productive communication, efficacious instructional and assessment practices, and improving student achievement, MNSAA's assurance of quality substantiates our efforts to provide an education built on faith and academic excellence.–Diane Lee, Principal of St. Anne School, LeSueur

As an Orthodox Jewish School in the Twin Cities, MNSAA has helped us maintain our unique identity while providing assistance in raising our standards and evaluating our programs.–Jordan Ford, Principal of Torah Academy, St. Louis Park

When I became principal at our Preschool-Grade 6 Catholic School, I so appreciated having the School Strategic Plan for Improvement to serve as a guide for me in my job.  Our current SSP continues to serve as a guide for our school board and faculty as we strive to make our school the best it can be!–Mrs. Teresa Matetich, Principal, St. Joseph’s School, Grand Rapids