The Role of the Onsite Team

The onsite visiting team plays an essential role in the accreditation process. As representatives of our Association, the team’s purpose is as follows:

Validation: To determine whether the self study report and school strategic plan accurately reflect the current reality of the school.

Evaluation: To determine whether the school has sufficiently demonstrated compliance with the standards of the Association.

Quality: To ensure the Strategic Plan was developed in accordance with the quality expectations of the Association.

Recommendations & Challenges: To provide objective outside feedback on the educational program and improvement plan as related to the standards and quality expectations of the Association.

Qualifications of Team Members: Expectations have been established for building the onsite team to ensure there are no conflicts of interest. The link details MNSAA’s quality expectations for an onsite team.

Use the Vetting Your Onsite Team form linked here for final approval from MNSAA leadership.


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The Team Report

The visiting team writes a Team Report that is the official record  of MNSAA’s findings and recommendations to the school. Developed by experienced educators, the report details compliance with MNSAA standards and required evidence. The report contains challenges for the school to address.

The  Team Report is a tool to assist the school in its ongoing process of strategic planning for improvement. The use of this report as an evaluation of a staff member’s professional competence is a violation of the professional ethics.

The Team Chair is responsible to submit this report to the Executive Director of MNSAA for review and final editing. The Director has final authority over the contents of the published report.

Neither the Team Chair nor the members of the visiting team are authorized to share any information contained in the Team Report with anyone outside those involved in the accreditation of the school.

The school administration is responsible for determining the methods for sharing the findings and recommendations in the report with school stakeholders.